Eve of Impact


Eve of Impact is a visually beautiful game designed towards short entertaining play sessions. It has some similarities with Missile Command and Asteroids but placed in a more immersive environment. You'll have to deflect or destroy incoming asteroids while the clock runs out on the evacuation of the human race.

Tap your screen to fire missiles at incoming asteroids, watch the immense explosions push away or shatter their targets. Aim carefully because the more missiles explode the more panic is caused and the slower earth's evacuation progresses. The moment you can no longer hold of the barrage of asteroids you witness the end of earth as it has never been shown in any mobile game.

Can you hold of the asteroids long enough, giving mankind a chance to survive?


A beautifully crafted game exhibiting an original idea with detailed lights, explosions and missile trails. I can definitely recommend it. AppAdvice Rating 5 of 5 stars The graphics, animations, physics, and sounds all come together to create one hell of an immersive experience, especially for an arcade tapping game. The App Shack Rating 4 of 5 stars A simple, yet well-done mix of Asteroids and Missile Command that’s perfect for a minute or two of free time. Slide to Play Rating 4 of 5 stars Eve of Impact does a magnificent take at saving the earth from impending destruction by asteroids, with its stunning visual effects and simplistic gameplay style. What's on iPhone Rating 4 of 5 stars Eve of Impact is among the 5 best iPhone games of the week. There’s something both haunting and mesmerizing about this one. Appolicious




Eve of Impact was developed by Rik Schennink. It's a compact entertaining game in a big cinematic package that should at the very least 'wow' you a little bit.

The soundtrack plays a big role in bringing the cinematic experience, it has been composed by Remy van Dun and really ties the entire concept together nicely.

Eve of Impact is a game for the iOS platform, currently it runs on iPhone 3GS, third-generation iPod Touch, iPad and newer devices.


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